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Le Quesnoy - Baladavesnois Le Quesnoy/Nouvelle-Zélande 1918

0.0 km Departure city : Le Quesnoy Vertical drop : 0 m

This Le Quesnoy tour is part of the “Mysteries of the Avesnois” collection. Designed for the whole family, the trail reveals the traces left by New Zealanders during World War 1 to visitors young and old. Take off for a 1 hour walk: the course is approximately 2 kilometres long Guaranteed adventure! Solve a series of questions and games while exploring the ramparts. The circuit visits the traces of an abbey that once stood on this site. Open your eyes and pay attention: every rock may hide a useful clue for your investigation! To guide you and help you during your route, you can always count on Colin. During the course of the game, “Learn more” and “To see” sheets will fill up your virtual carryall. IMPORTANT: We recommend that you download the tour before arriving at the Le Quesnoy site, where network coverage can be unreliable. But don’t worry this in no way changes the game experience. Are you ready? It’s your turn to play CREDITS: This application is brought to you by the Avesnois Regional Natural Park Text, storyline, graphics, photos: Le Quesnoy Tourist Office. Technical design: Avesnois Regional Natural Park and the Furet Company specialized in outdoor game delivery for smartphones (

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